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Here is what we received from clients who couldn’t hold their satisfactions to them selves but decided to let us know of how pleased they where. Do take some time to go through the various reviews. If you wish to send us a review which we highly recommend please get to us on our contact Us page.

Happy Client

“Hello Exotic Parrot Farm, Duke is doing really well. He seems to be trying to talk and his voice is so cute. He loves his toys. He loves biscuits and gets along very easily. We are really having fun didn’t expect him to adapt that fast especially as he was delivered just few weeks ago.

Oswald Tingrand

Happy Client

Purchasing Paco, our blue and gold macaw from exoticparrotfarm.com was a wonderful experience. Not only did we get a Great bird, but discovered a real friend. Exotic Parrot Farm put their heart and soul in raising this birds and that has a significantly done a lot to their birds as there are just so adorable. We are thrilled with our new friend what a wonderful bird.

Harvey M

Successful Delivery

“I can’t speak highly enough about our experience. Exotic Parrot Farm you guys always response in a prompt manner to all my inquiries. After updating you guys about my parrot pet I got from you guys months ago and asking on tips I can do to get even more closer relationship between I and Nocky, your tips and advice were very effective. Nocky now can’t stay a minute without me it can be seen from the time I get home after work we are just so attached to each other.”


Amazing breeders

Hello Exotic parrot Home its me Kimberly and i wanted to THANK you guys so much for my new winged African Grey , it still felt like a dream when my Son said Mummy mummy the delivery Truck is here , and we received Zazou just as Healthy like you guys said . Thank you so much and will send monthly pictures as promise .


Nelson Kimberly